Special Interests


Digestive wellness

Woman's hormones

Sleep disorders

Stress and anxiety management


I was a personal trainer and fitness instructor for over 10 years but I felt there was something missing in my own health and that of the people I was trying to help. They would lose weight and get fitter but still have niggling health concerns. I was fit and 'healthy', but I always had digestive issues and persistent problems with my skin despite seeing an array of specialists and getting no closer to a solution. Then I saw a naturopath myself, and within 2 weeks all of those things had resolved. I was hooked, this was the missing piece of my puzzle! I spent the next several years learning everything I could. I've seen it time and time again, you can feel well and vibrant and healthy. Its possible! My hope is that I can provide you with the knowledge, and inspire you to become the healthiest possible version of you. 

I believe there is no one nutrition philosophy or way of eating that suits everyone. We're all unique and our bodies all have different requirements. Intuitively, I think we all know what foods and lifestyle choices will serve us best, but there's so much conflicting information and so many one size fits all approaches, that we've understandably lost our way.

Whether you join our mailing list and get access to all the amazing free recipes and content, join one of our online programs, or book a one on one consultation, thank you for allowing me to be part of your journey towards better health. I'm committed to continually learning and sharing everything that I believe will assist you on your journey towards better health. But it also takes consistent dedication on your part. It's one step at a time, but it's worth it to look and feel your best.

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